Video And Online Game Design Schools

Video And Online Game Design Schools

The invention of personal computers in the mid-20th century gave rise to the need to create video and online games. The first video game was created in 1958 by William Higginbotham. Since then, technological advancement has revolutionised the design of video online and casino games to what we enjoy today. The primary beneficiary of tech advancements is online slot games with no deposit bonus mobile casino Australia, which are increasingly becoming popular. 

With video and online games being developed daily, design schools have sprung up everywhere to train new people to build quality video and online games. The following factors should be considered before enrolling in any game design school.

  • Schools' graduation rates;
  • Tuition fees paid by students;
  • Course accreditation by relevant bodies;
  • Acceptance rates of individual schools;
  • Professional reviews of the schools by appropriate stakeholders;
  • Transferable credits;
  • The time that is taken to complete the course.

Globally, over 2.5 billion people play video and online games. In 2020, the video and online game market was valued at $150 billion; this figure is expected to hit the 250-billion-dollar mark by 2025. In such a robust industry, schools have stepped up to fill the niche by equipping learners with skills to thrive in the industry. This article will look at some of the video and online game design schools doing a commendable job. For anyone wishing to join the video game sector, stay with me to know the best school to hone your skills.

Savannah College of Art and Design

Founded in 1978, Savannah College of art and design is in Georgia, in the United States. It specialises in offering students with art and design courses. Among them is the Bachelor of Arts in Digital Media and Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interactive Design and Game Development. Additionally, the school offers master's programs in the same field of interactive design and game development. Completing the game development course takes 180 credit hours, with students parting with approximately $38,000 in tuition fees. The school has an acceptance rate of about 72%, with those making it to graduation being 65%. Savannah college also offers remote online classes for part-time students.

Savannah college tutors are known for their penchant for human-machine relations, and this goes a long way in producing all-around students in the video and online gaming industry. Major training centres in graphic design, such as Advance ICT Center, recommend the college for newbies willing to join the industry. In addition, the college is accredited by the reputable Commission of Colleges and the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. All these, coupled with the fact that over 80% of all graduates from the school are in the job market, make Savannah College rank among the top video and online game design schools.

Southern New Hampshire University

Southern New Hampshire University was founded in 1932, and its main campus is located in Manchester, New Hampshire. The university is accredited by the New England Commission of Higher Education. Although it started as a business and secretarial school, the university has grown and diversified by venturing into video and online game design courses. Major game design programs offered by the university are Bachelor of Science in Game Programming and Development and the Bachelor of Arts in Game Arts and Development. For these two courses, learners require 120 credit hours to complete the programs. Each credit hour is charged $320 as tuition fees.

The university is also big on providing online learning. The two programs offered by the university equip students with knowledge about: 3D modelling, programming languages, digital sculpting and painting, and topology. This technical know-how enables their students to thrive and compete favourably in the video game industry. Most importantly, the university is a nonprofit organisation that offers scholarships and financial aid to its students, making it the best design school in Britain. The design school has a high acceptance rate of 93%, with 51% of the accepted students graduating.

Baker College

Baker College was founded in 1911, and its main campus is in Owosso, Michigan. The college boasts of the title, the largest nonprofit private university in the state of Michigan. In addition, it has numerous satellite branches spread out across the entire state, especially the lower Michigan peninsula. The college accreditation is facilitated by the Higher Learning Commission and has regional accreditation from the North Central Association of Colleges and schools. The college offers its video game design program exclusively online. The Online Bachelor of Science in Game Software and Development program offered by Baker takes 120 credit hours. The college charges $405 per credit hour as tuition.

Well-respected specialists in the industry develop Baker's video and online game development program. Students learn programming languages, 2D and 3D modelling, and video game animations to give the best gaming encounters. The course majorly centres around forming video and online games from scratch to its end product. Upon completing this game development process, students are well equipped with the knowledge and have a hands-on approach, an essential requirement in the job market. As a result, Baker College has a high acceptance rate of 86% but a relatively low graduation rate of 21%.

Liberty University

Liberty is a Christian university founded in 1971 with its main campus in Lynchburg, Virginia. The university is significant when it comes to online learning. Liberty offers the Online Bachelor of Science and Information Technology in Game Design for video game design lovers. In this program, learners get educated by professors who have worked in the video and online games industry. They understand programming, graphic design, and digital imaging, which are critical in the game design field. The course takes 120 credit hours, with $390 fees per credit hour. The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) gives liberty its accreditation. The university has a low acceptance rate of 24% but a comparatively higher graduation rate of 52%.

Bottom Line

The video and online games industry is massive, with about 11% of the world population being involved. Due to the constant changes in technology, new designs emerge, giving rise to creating new and more sophisticated video games. Fitting in today's market requirements, schools are developing unique programs to ensure game designers are familiar with the latest video and online game design. The schools discussed above are some of the best globally, offering world-class courses that meet the market expectations.