Biggest Comeback In NCAA Basketball Championship

Interested in finding out which team holds the record for the greatest comeback in NCAA basketball championship history? Look no further! March Madness, a long-standing American tradition, is a beloved tournament watched by families and friends.

March Madness is known for its thrilling finishes, particularly the exciting crunch time at the end of games. Fans love to witness the buzzer-beaters, game-winning blocks, and other dramatic moments that unfold during the tournament. Over the years, there have been many remarkable comebacks that have left spectators in awe. Here is a list of the most significant comebacks in NCAA basketball championship history.

Kansas vs. UNC 2022 (16 points)

In the history of NCAA championship games, no comeback has been more impressive than the unforgettable showdown between two basketball powerhouses: Kansas and UNC in 2022. Both teams are widely recognized as "Blue Bloods" and boast some of the largest fan bases in the sport.

At halftime, Kansas was down by 15 points, with very slim chances of winning the game in NCAA basketball betting. However, the team staged a remarkable comeback in the second half and beat all odds to secure a three-point victory over UNC. This game will undoubtedly be remembered as one of the most unforgettable moments in basketball history.

Remarkable Comebacks in Earlier March Madness Rounds

BYU vs. Iona 2012 (25 points)

When it comes to comebacks in the NCAA tournament, none can surpass BYU's historic triumph over IONA in the first round of 2012. That year, IONA had the highest-rated offense in the country and came out strong, building a commanding 25-point lead that appeared unassailable. Nonetheless, BYU staged a remarkable comeback that defied all expectations, ultimately achieving the most significant comeback in NCAA history. This record could potentially endure for generations to come.

Duke vs. Maryland 2001 (22 points)

Few colleges strike fear into their opponents in March quite like the formidable Duke Blue Devils. They are consistently ranked among the top contenders for the tournament, and their multiple National Championships attest to their dominance.

However, in the 2001 Final Four, Duke found themselves in a precarious situation, trailing by a daunting 22 points. Despite battling valiantly throughout the game, they still found themselves down by 10 points with only a few minutes remaining. Nevertheless, they achieved an extraordinary feat, overcoming the deficit and ultimately winning the game by an impressive 11-point margin.

Nevada vs. Cincinnati 2018 (22 points)

Cody and Caleb Martin achieved national acclaim for their instrumental roles in leading Nevada to several victories in March Madness. In 2018, the brothers faced a daunting challenge in the tournament's second round, as their team fell behind by 22 points. Despite this setback, Nevada refused to give up and launched a fierce comeback, culminating in a crucial go-ahead basket with only 9 seconds remaining on the clock. This historic turnaround stands among the greatest comebacks in NCAA history.

Louisville vs. West Virginia 2005 (20 points)

Despite trailing by 13 points at halftime, Louisville's legendary coach, Rick Pitino, rallied his team and expressed his confidence in their ability to mount a comeback. However, he later admitted that he had been less than truthful with his motivational tactics. Nonetheless, the Cardinals persevered in a grueling overtime battle propelled by the heroic efforts of a cramping, exhausted Larry O'Bannon, who scored an impressive 24 points. This unforgettable game earned Louisville a spot in the Final Four.