How do Top American Basketball Players Spend Their Free Time?

How do Top American Basketball Players Spend Their Free Time?

Basketball is not merely a profession for the elite players of America; it embodies their entire way of life. However, these athletes are far more multifaceted than what meets the eye on the court. Beyond games and training sessions, they immerse themselves in various endeavors, ranging from high-stakes gambling to business investments. Get ready for an insider's tour into the diverse world of basketball players' free-time pursuits.

Working Out Beyond the Court

Top-tier basketball players in America, even when they step off the court, prioritize their physical fitness to ensure optimal performance. 

  • One prime example is Stephen Curry, a skilled point guard for the Golden State Warriors who shares a passion for golf. Although seen as a leisure activity, Curry utilizes golf as an opportunity to refine his precision, concentration, and dexterity - qualities that seamlessly transfer onto the basketball court.

  • In the case of Los Angeles Lakers power forward LeBron James, he has been vocal about incorporating yoga into his routine. Yoga helps LeBron maintain flexibility, enhance his balance, and increase his overall body strength. It also offers stress relief, crucial in a high-pressure sport like basketball.

  • Another prime example is Kevin Durant, the famed forward for Phoenix Suns. He enjoys swimming, a full-body exercise that boosts cardiovascular endurance and strengthens muscles without putting too much stress on the joints.

While relaxing and enjoyable for the athletes, these activities also serve as a crucial part of their training regimens. They demonstrate the athletes' dedication to maintaining and improving their physical capabilities, even during downtime.

Chasing the High Stakes: The Gambling Hobby

For many elite American basketball players, the thrill of the game doesn't end when they step off the court; instead, they find a similar adrenaline rush in gambling. 

While not universally embraced, this pastime provides a different kind of competition, a place to apply their strategic thinking and risk-taking nature, all essential traits in basketball. It doesn’t matter for many basketball players to place bets at home or choose the app from a site like and enjoy games on the go as a lot of them don’t hide their love for gambling. 

  • Charles Barkley, a retired Hall of Famer, is famously open about his fondness for casinos. From poker to blackjack, Barkley relishes the high stakes and the prospect of a big win, seeing it as a hobby more than anything else. The player admits that 50% of the space on his mobile phone is occupied by casino applications.

  • In a more modern context, Gilbert Arenas, a former Wizards star, is known for his high-stakes poker games. Arenas reportedly spent hours honing his skills, playing poker in online casinos, and participating in late-night games. He has been open about his experiences, presenting gambling as a way to unwind and add excitement to his life.

However, these athletes also stress the importance of responsible gambling, setting limits to prevent it from becoming problematic. They see it as a fun diversion, another game of strategy, and a chance to master, rather than a source of income.

Embracing the Culinary World

Not all of a basketball player's strength comes from the gym; much of it is fueled by the kitchen. Many of America's top athletes have embraced the culinary world, recognizing that a balanced diet is a cornerstone of optimal performance.

  • For example, Chris Paul, point guard for the Phoenix Suns, has openly discussed his transition to a plant-based diet. He credits his diet for increased energy levels, quick recovery times, and improved health. Paul has even invested in plant-based food companies, making a mark in the culinary world off-court.

  • On the flip side, some players have taken a more hands-on approach. Apart from being one of the top guards in the NBA, Stephen Curry is also known for his culinary skills. He and his wife, Ayesha Curry, often share their cooking adventures on social media, encouraging healthy and delicious home-cooked meals. 

  • Meanwhile, Shaquille O'Neal, an NBA legend, is now a well-known restaurateur. He owns a high-end burger restaurant in Las Vegas, blending his love for food and business.

Whether exploring new diets, cooking at home, or investing in the food industry, these athletes recognize that food is more than fuel – it's a passion.

Exploring the World of Business and Investments

When they're not shooting hoops, many of America's top basketball players are making moves in the business world. Known for their strategic thinking on the court, these athletes often transfer their acumen to entrepreneurial ventures, investing their hard-earned money in various industries.

  • Consider LeBron James, who is as much a business mogul as an athlete. Beyond his lucrative endorsement deals, James owns a stake in English football club Liverpool FC, co-founded a production company, SpringHill Entertainment, and invested in Blaze Pizza, one of the fastest-growing restaurant chains in the US. His business ventures highlight his keen understanding of diverse markets and his vision for potential growth areas.

  • Similarly, Kevin Durant has positioned himself as an influential player in the world of startups. His company, Thirty Five Ventures, invests in various companies, from tech startups to food delivery services. Durant is keenly interested in technology and seeks out innovative companies making strides in this space.

  • Shaquille O'Neal is a revered NBA icon who has seamlessly ventured into the realm of entrepreneurship and investment with remarkable success. Following his retirement from professional basketball, Shaq's impact in the business landscape rivals that of his illustrious career on the court. Shaq's notable claim to fame lies in his astute early investment in Google. However, this is merely a fraction of Shaq's extensive and varied business endeavors. He has diversified his investments by venturing into multiple franchises such as Auntie Anne's Pretzels and Five Guys Burgers while also establishing ownership of several vibrant nightclubs.

This exploration of business and investments demonstrates how these athletes are leveraging their fame and fortune to make an impact beyond the basketball court. It's not just about financial growth; it's about expanding their legacy, understanding markets, and influencing industries.


As we draw back the curtain on the lives of America's top basketball players, it becomes clear that they're more than just athletes. Their off-court activities, ranging from extra workouts and culinary adventures to high-stakes gambling, illustrate a broader spectrum of interests and commitments.