# Reasons college basketball is better than the NBA

5 Reasons College Basketball is Better than the NBA

There's no doubt that the NBA is the most popular basketball league in the world. But when it comes to watching a game, we'd rather watch college basketball. The NBA has great players and a lot of parity, but the level of talent isn't as high as we see in college ball.

And while we love Kawhi Leonard and Kevin Durant, there are plenty of other players with similar talents playing at tiny schools around America that don't get nearly enough attention from fans or reporters. If you're looking for the best basketball betting opportunities, here are five reasons why college hoops beat the NBA:

1. The players are better

In the NBA, you see players that have been in the league for a long time. They are talented but also set in their ways and unwilling to take chances with their game. College basketball is at its best when it's played by young athletes who are willing to experiment and try new things. There's nothing like watching an 18-year-old freshman shoot a three-pointer from half-court at the buzzer to win a conference title game.

2. The games matter more to the players

College players are playing for the love of the game. There’s no money involved, no endorsement deals, and no agents looking after their interests. They just want to win a championship for their school and their fans. It's truly a level playing field in college basketball when you look at it from this perspective. If you think about it this way, then why aren't college games more popular than NBA ones?

The answer is simple: fans don't care as much about college basketball because they can't relate to these players as they can with their favorite NBA stars who make millions of dollars each year. College athletes are just regular folk who were lucky enough to grow up with an elite skill set that led them down an athletic path.

3. There’s a rivalry in every game

Rivalries are a huge part of the reason college basketball is so exciting. These games bring out the best in everyone on both sides, and they're always intense.

There are many great rivalries in college basketball; this makes for an exciting game because both teams know each other well enough to know what plays work against them and what doesn't. Because there's so much history behind how these teams are perceived by others around them, any little thing could happen during a game between them!

4. Usually, the teams are evenly matched

It's much more exciting to watch a game when you don't know who is going to win. The NBA has been around for decades, and the players are very well-known. College basketball games have less of an advantage for any team because the players aren't as well-known, and it's harder for them to be signed into pro teams, which means that any underdog can beat another team. It also makes the games more exciting when fans think their favorite team might actually lose.

5. March Madness will always be superior to the playoffs

March Madness is the best tournament in college basketball. A lot of fans will argue that it's even better than the NBA playoffs, and there are some good reasons for that.

For starters, the format of March Madness is much better than that of the NBA playoffs. In the postseason, teams play a series of games against each other until one team wins four times and becomes champion. However, there's nothing stopping those teams from playing each other again in a different round if they get matched up later on during the playoffs' bracketing process.

It gets confusing fast when you're trying to keep track of who has already been eliminated or advanced, all while looking at a giant long list with every possible combination between all 16 teams still alive in contention for winning it all (or at least making it into next season).

In contrast, the March Madness tournament has 64 teams competing for national recognition, starting with single elimination games that whittle down everyone's chances until only one remains standing atop all others as victor over them all.

Final Thoughts

We think college basketball is better to watch than the NBA. It has more player development, it's more competitive, and there are rivalries in every game. The players are also less talented than those in the NBA, so you get more surprises when they play against each other, which makes it even more exciting.