How to pick a winner in college basketball

How to pick a winner in college basketball

Basketball is one of the most popular sports, with millions of viewers watching the action from the court-side or on television. The National Basketball Association is the highest level of professional basketball, with the most famous teams and best players in attendance. Follow the NBA season from home on TV or a live streaming app on your smartphone. Modern technology means you'll never miss a game.

NBA is the main attraction for basketball fans, but some have become disillusioned with the sport following the injection of cash. The NBA is now worth billions of dollars to the American economy each year, with ticket prices rising almost as sharply as the fees paid for the best players and coaches. Critics say the NBA is no longer a sport accessible to the working class, although that's something the organization rejects. The best NBA betting sites certainly show no signs of slowing down, with wagers placed online daily.

Those put off by the fame and fortune of the NBA can find a place of enjoyment in college basketball. The players aren't motivated by money, which means more honest, competitive, and enjoyable matches. There are more than a few shocking results throughout the season, but the players give 100% each time they step onto the court.

Making predictions

The NBA may be the most popular basketball competition, but others are available. Euro League allows us a sneak peek at how the sport is performing across Europe, with the best teams coming from Spain. Barcelona and Real Madrid are two of the biggest names in European soccer, but they're also major players in the Euro League. This competition is a great way to track the best emerging talent across Europe. These players may one day show up in the NBA.

Another great way to spot future stars is to keep tabs on college basketball. Almost every player you see performing well at that level has their sights set on making it to the big leagues and being signed by an NBA team after they graduate. Watch the NCAA matches; the most talented players will quickly reveal themselves to you. If a basketball player is destined for the top, he stands out at this level.

How do you make predictions on basketball? The most bet on tournament is the NBA, and that's unsurprising unless you understand betting. To those in the know, the NBA isn't a great platform to bet. The teams are too well-matched, the games unpredictable, and the scores are often competitive. That's not great for betting as the NBA gambling odds are usually low, offering no value to bettors.

Do your research

Traders working at the leading sportsbooks appreciate how popular NBA betting can be, so they must be up to speed on the latest news. Bookies put in hours of research and work to ensure their prices are as tight as possible, giving away little by way of value. But that's different when you bet on college basketball. In NCAA, there are more mismatches and a few players that are too good to still be at that level. They are destined for the NBA, and everyone knows it.

The bookies don't take as much cash on college basketball - certainly not when compared to the NBA betting numbers - so they don't dedicate the same time, money, and effort to pricing these matches. However, they are available to bet on today. Do your research and call on your knowledge of college basketball. Claim an edge over the bookies, something that only comes along sometimes.

What should you look for when previewing a college basketball match and making predictions? We encourage readers to cast their net wide to snag a big prize. Read the stats about both teams, the injury news, and head-to-head scores. How have they been performing, what's the latest injury news, and does one team have more to play for than the opponent? The better your understanding of a match you have, the greater your chance of you landing a profit.

When making your predictions, try to do it at an online bookmaker that offers generous odds on college basketball, in-play betting, and a welcome bonus free bet. Shop around for the best deal.