3 best NCAA tournament college basketball players of all time

March is the month when frenzy takes over the whole country. Fans immerse themselves in the excitement and thrill of college basketball while players get a chance to write their names into the history books.

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1- Lew Alcindor (UCLA)

The March Madnesscould boast of many great players but none could match Lew Alcindor (a player who later changed his name to Kareem-Abdul-Jabbar). He garnered huge successes and so made a big name for himself in college basketball.  

He won three consecutive titles with UCLA before being picked in the 1969 NBA draft by the Milwaukee Bucks. He was the main contributor to his team's successes and was twice named Player of the Year. He only lost 2 games over 3 long seasons with UCLA- once against the University of Houston when he had an injury and the other time when their rival team (USC) played a stall game.

He had a great influence on college basketball. The slam dunk was banned in college basketball primarily because of his dominant use of the shot. It looks unlikely that any player could match his prodigious success and awe-inspiring figures in college basketball.

2- Bill Walton (UCLA)

Like Lew Alcindor, Bill Walton played under John Wooden, the legendary UCLA head coach who won 10 NCAA national championships in twelve years. Bill Waltonwon two titles during his three years at UCLA while averaging an amazing 20.3 points and 15.7 rebounds.

Arguably his best game came against Memphis State in the 1973 NCAA title game. He scored an unbelievable 44 points in that match, contributing 13 rebounds, 2 assists, and one block. His extraordinary performance was the reason UCLA won by 87-66. He also won that year's Most Oustanding Player award.

3- Christian Laettner (Duke)

Christian Laettner might not be the most popular guy, but he certainly is a college basketball legend. He has also the honor of being the only player in history to make 4 Final Four appearances.

Christian Laettner also got two back-to-back championships for the Duke Blue Devils in 1991 and 1992. He became hugely famous for his game-winning shot against Kentucky in the 1992 tournament. This winning shot became one of the most memorable moments in the history of March Madness.