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“The CIT is an outstanding event, which is run by outstanding people. Joe Dwyer, Angela Lento, Riley Wallace and the entire College Insider organization have always put the best interests of our game first. Each year they have strived to make the tournament better. The CIT is great for College Basketball.”
Dana Altman
Head Coach
"Prior to accepting a bid I spoke with many coaches who had played in the CIT and they all raved about the quality of the people and the tournament. Participating in the CIT was great for our program. Riley Wallace, the entire selection committee and the staff at CollegeInsider.com was outstanding."
Murry Bartow
Former Head Coach
East Tennessee State
"I applaud Joe Dwyer and Angela Lento for giving more student-athletes the opportunity for postseason play. There is certainly not enough of it in college basketball. Anytime young men can experience that, it is such a positive."
Mike Brey
Head Coach
Notre Dame 
"CollegeInsider.com has always been a friend to all of college basketball, but particularly to the smaller programs. I am anxious to watch this tournament develop and would consider it an honor to be a participant when our play warrants an invitation."
Rick Byrd
Head Coach
"Joe Dwyer and Angela Lento have been great advocates for college basketball and the CollegeInsider.com Postseason Tournament is yet another example of their commitment to do things with the best interest of the game in mind. The CIT is a first-class event in every way. Joe and Angela and CollegeInsider.com are great for the game of college basketball."
Jim Larranaga
Head Coach
Miami (coached George Mason in 2010 CIT)
"Simply put -- this is great for college basketball. Since its inception CollegeInsider.com has done what is in the best interest of the game. They have always maintained a high level of integrity and have done so much to further promote so many programs. Creating a postseason tournament is just the latest example of their outstanding contributions to our sport."
Bob Marlin
Head Coach

“What an outstanding opportunity the CollegeInsider.com Postseason Tournament provided the program and the University. Without question the Liberty basketball team got better as a result of participating in the CIT. The team gained a sense of confidence from being able to taste the postseason. It was a privilege to be part of such well-run, organized and fair event. Joe Dwyer and CollegeInsider.com have truly added great value to college basketball with the CollegeInsider.com Postseason Tournament."
Ritchie McKay
Head Coach
"CollegeInsider.com has always conducted business with college basketball's best interest at heart. Their manner and professionalism, combined with enthusiasm and great creativity, have made CollegeInsider.com one of the industry’s best. The creation of this postseason tournament is just another example of the outstanding effort that we have come to expect from CollegeInsider.com.
Lute Olson
Hall of Fame Coach
"It's great anytime student athletes and coaching staffs can continue their seasons. Roughly one-third of all division I college basketball programs are invited to participate in postseason. Compare that to other sports and it's obvious that a tournament like this will be a welcome addition to our sport. By creating this tournament, CollegeInsider.com is providing many deserving teams the opportunity to continue playing and that is always a good thing. This is a great idea by CollegeInsider.com."
Bo Ryan
Former Head Coach

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