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The 2002-03 All-Freshmen Team

Syracuse freshman Gerry McNamara didn't get the same national attention as teammate Carmelo Anthony, but the rookie point guard still made the All-Frosh team. (AP)

BOSTON (MA) This is the eighth year that we have assembled an All-Freshmen team.

Rather than assemble a first, second, third and fourth team, the All-Freshmen team is ONE team consisting of twenty players.

A panel of division I coaches are involved in the evaluation and selection process, but the final decision rest with CI.

Here now is the 2002-03 All-Freshmen team.

Carmelo Anthony 6-8 Syracuse
Chris Bosh 6-10 Georgia Tech
Dee Brown 5-11 Illinois
Keydren Clark 5-10 St. Peter's
Ike Diogu 6-8 Arizona State
Francisco Garcia 6-7 Louisville
Daniel Horton 6-3 Michigan
Daniel Kickert 6-10 St. Mary's
Rashad McCants 6-3 North Carolina
Gerry McNamara 6-2 Syracuse
Jonathon Modica 6-4 Arkansas
J.J. Redick 6-4 Duke
Anthony Roberson 6-1 Florida
Nate Robinson 5-9 Washington
Craig Smith 6-7 Boston College
Timmy Smith 5-9 East Tennessee State
Alando Tucker 6-5 Wisconsin
C.J. Watson 6-2 Tennessee
Deron Williams 6-3 Illinois
Bracey Wright 6-3 Indiana



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