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Daily Bracket

Seed East - Washington DC Midwest - Kansas City South - Louisville West - Anaheim
1 Duke   Kansas   Tennessee   Gonzaga  
16 UNC-Asheville/Texas Southern   Hampton/Wagner   Lipscomb   UC Davis  
8 Texas Tech   Wisconsin   Loyola-Chicago   NC State  
9 Vanderbilt   Houston   Xavier   Butler  
12 South Dakota State   Penn State/Iowa State   Buffalo   Marshall  
5 UCLA   Oregon   Mississippi State   Florida State  
13 New Mexico State   Montana   UNCG   Vermont  
4 Michigan   Virginia Tech   West Virginia   LSU  
3 Auburn   Villanova   Michigan State   Kansas State  
14 Georgia State   Northeastern   Bucknell   Belmont  
6 Maryland   Syracuse   Florida   Louisville  
11 Miami   Texas/Georgia   Davidson   Indiana  
10 Nebraska   Marquette   Texas A&M   Ohio State  
7 Clemson   Purdue   Cincinnati   TCU  
15 SFA   Harvard   Northern Kentucky   Iona  
2 Nevada   Kentucky   Virginia   North Carolina  

These projections are based on how I think the committee will make their selections, not how I would want to make them, if the season ended TODAY.  If you have any questions or comments about these predictions, if you find any errors, or if you just want to talk hoops feel free to email me.  Please note this is for entertainment purposes only. Yes, W.A.G. stands for Wild Ass Guess.  Thanks and enjoy.

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