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November 3, 2009

Whatís up everybody? Weíre almost ready to launch my new site and I hope you guys really like it. Iím going to try and hit this blog a couple of times a week to give you guys a peek inside our season with the Magic and my life off the court. I think itís gonna be pretty tight, and weíre all about winning that championship this season, so itís gonna be a special year.

Yaíll all know that Iím out and not playing, and I gotta tell you itís been hard to deal with. Iíve known for months that this was coming, but I guess it didnít really hit me hard until the night of the first game that I wasnít there. Tonight vs. Detroit will be the fourth game, so Iím almost halfway through this thing. Iím just glad the team is winning and thatís taken some of the stress off, but itís still killing me.

Itís kind of like being a kid on Christmas without actually getting to open the presents. I go through all of the practices and walkthroughs and Iím on the roadtrip with the fellas (by the way, dang itís cold up here in Detroit), but then I donít get to play in the games. Iím the type who likes to be involved with the team, and mentally this has been hard on me.

For the opener against Philly, I rode the bike before the game because I really wanted to see the team get the Eastern Conference banner. I had a lot to do with that and I didnít want to miss it. I got a ride in before the game, got a shower and tuned in to make sure I didnít miss seeing that banner go up.

And then in New Jersey, the game wasnít on TV in the hotel room. I bet I flipped through those channels 20 times. I went down to the hotel lobby and they didnít have the game, so I had to walk down the street to a bar. They didnít even have the Nets on in there and I had to ask them to turn it on.

Even though I havenít been playing Iíve worked hard to stay in shape. I know that I have to come back ready, but really thereís nothing like actually playing and game shape. No matter how much running you do and cardio, itís different than playing in the game.

Weíve done as much on the court as possible with a lot of shooting drills and some cardio. I think Iíll have fresh legs, but I also think Iíll get tired early in games because Iíve been out. I havenít scrimmaged much, so getting the tempo back might take a few games.

Trust me, Iíve already circled Nov. 16 on my calendar. That will be my first night back and I canít wait for it. Yaíll know Iím the ultimate team guy and not being a part of the team has been so hard for me. But Iíll survive and get back to help this team.

Weíll Iím out to get a bite. Hopefully we can beat Detroit tonight and get to 4-0. As long as we keep winning, thatís all Iím about.

Later -- SHARD


October 26, 2009

What up yaíll? Not much here because I havenít played since last week, but itís all good.

Iíve had the best seat in the house for the past three games, sitting on the court next to our bench. But Iíve got to admit that itís really weird for me to be on the bench through the entire game and not play.

I donít think I have dressed for a game and not played since my rookie year in the NBA. I did a lot of sitting that season 11 years ago, but this is strange for me. But I know all of the plays. So itís not too difficult for me.

I know I have to be out for those first 10 games, so I totally understand whatís going on. And itís not like Iím just sitting over there and not getting to play. The most important thing for the team right now is to get those other guys used to playing with one another and used to how we play.

I came in early today before shootaround and got my work in. And once the season starts, Iíll be on the road doing everything with the team. Iíll go with the team to shootaround and then get in all of my conditioning work afterwards. I canít be at the arena for the game, but at least Iíll be there for everything else. So it wonít be all bad.

Iím a big list guy, so from time to time this year Iím going to give you guys my top-five lists on a variety of topics. Once we launch my website, Rashardlewis9.com in November, yaíll will have to give me your feedback on my top five lists.

Here are my five favorite NBA cities:

1. Houston Ö Obviously because itís my home.
2. L.A. Ö Well, because itís L.AAAAAAAAA.
3. Miami Ö The weather is so nice there, like Orlando.
4. New York Ö The Mecca!!!
5. Iíd say San Antonio, Dallas or Phoenix because the atmosphere is always so great in those buildings. I guess Iíd go with Phoenix because thatís just such a great city.


October 22, 2009

What's up everybody? Everything is good here, but I gotta tell you that itís strange not playing here lately. I didnít play Monday night when we were in Chicago and I didnít play again Wednesday night against Indiana.

We still won 117-87 to make us 7-0 in the preseason. Weíre the only undefeated team in the preseason, but it really doesnít matter much at this point. Weíll be 0-0 on Wednesday when the games start counting for real.

Yaíll all know by now that Iíll be out the first 10 games of the season and Coach Van Gundy is trying to get the rotations set for how we will open the season. Heís been playing Ryan Anderson, Brandon Bass and Matt Barnes at the four spot and they have been playing really well.

Itís all good not playing in these games because I know the offensive plays and the defensive rotations already. And I certainly know how to play with Dwight and ĎMeer already, so itís not like I will forget all of that in a couple of weeks.

As for me staying in playing shape, donít worry about that. I didnít play Wednesday night, but I definitely got my work in earlier in the day. I stayed after practice Wednesday morning with coach Steve Clifford and our video guy, Charles Klask, for more than an hour.

We got in a good 45 minutes of shooting from all of the spots all over the floor. I shot the ball really well, trying to keep my form straight. Then, after that, I got in another 30-minute run on the treadmill.

Itís not like playing in a game, but I was at least able to get a nice sweat going. Iíll get my work in every day and I believe my legs and lungs will be strong when I get back. And I really think with all of the shooting that Iím planning on doing that my shot will be really tight by the time that I get back in the games.

Well, I better run for now. Yaíll remember that my site at RashardLewis9.com is launching in November and I really think you guys are going to like it. Weíre going to have up several ways you guys can interact with me, so be sure to check it out.



October 19, 2009

Hey everybody, hope yaíll had a good weekend. Ours was pretty good. We had Friday off, but attended a luncheon with our Magic fans that afternoon. Itís so cool to see how excited and ready for the season that Magic fans are these days. They canít wait to get started and we canít either. We gotta bring that championship home to our fans this year.

We practiced on Saturday and Sunday and weíre in Chicago now to play the Bulls tonight. We have three more preseason games this week and then they start counting for real on the 28th.

Itís going to be a weird week for me because coach is going to start cutting my minutes these next few games. I wonít start in any of the three games this week, and I might just play a few minutes to stay sharp.

Yaíll already know Iíve got to miss those first 10 games because of the suspension, and itís already on my mind. Itís going to be tough staying away from the arena on game nights, so Iíll have to do something to stay active during the games. Iím thinking about riding a stationary bike during the games just to get my sweat rolling.

Iíve got all the confidence in my teammates they will pick up the slack while Iím out. And itís been nothing but love from my teammates about my situation. They know Iím upset about having to miss those first few games, and theyíve really had my back through all of this.

Weíll be all right while Iím out because of all of the depth that we have now.Ryan Anderson and Brandon Bass have played great all preseason, so they will split time at the 4. And MP is playing like itís the playoffs already and Matt Barnes was a great pickup this summer, so weíll be OK at 3 too. Nice job, Otis Smith!

I was wondering how this team would share the ball and sacrifice coming into camp. We have so many pieces now and so much depth, so I wanted to see if guys were willing to put their egos aside for the good of the team. In our first team meeting, I stood up and talked about how I expected guys to make sacrifices for the good of the team. Thatís the only way weíre going to win a championship is if guys put the team first.

So far, Iíve been so happy with how we have played. Weíve shared the ball and guys have worked on playing different positions. Thereís been no bickering over the ball, and I really think we have a chance to have a great team again. Letís hope that carries over to the regular season. I think it will because we have good leadership and character guys on this squad.

Well, I better get outta here for now and get ready for the game. My official website, RashardLewis9.com, is gonna launch in November, so yaíll be sure to check it out. In the time being, you can follow my blog here and my tweets on Twitter and Facebook. And I even have a Hotline (407-545-6592) where yaíll can drop me a message and hear my thoughts of the day.

Take care. L8


October 14, 2009

I have spent the past couple of months making the adjustment from power forward back to small forward. I have heard some people say that I appear to be making the transition very easy, but I can tell you that nothing is ever that easy.

During my time with the Seattle Sonics, I played primarily at the small forward position. When I moved to Orlando I found myself playing both the small forward and power forward spots. Having versatility on the roster gives you more options, thus improving the overall strength of the team. The coaching staff felt we would be a better team if some of us expanded our roles and that included me.

With some changes to our roster, this season Coach Van Gundy wanted me to play more minutes at the small forward spot. Having spent nine seasons playing that position in Seattle, itís a more comfortable transition this season.

I feel that I have had a pretty good rhythm on the offensive end of the floor. I am shooting about 50% from the field and about 45% from beyond the arc. I have a lot of things I can improve on, but overall I have felt pretty good thus far.

The biggest difference is on the defensive end. On defense itís a little different because now I find myself chasing guys on the wings instead of defending them on the post. This is my first time doing it this preseason and I think Iíve done okay. I didnít feel lost at all out there.

This past Tuesday night we posted a 121-86 win over the New Orleans Hornets. I played 30 minutes and felt comfortable. More importantly it provided Ryan Anderson, who we acquired in an off-season trade with the New Jersey Nets, the opportunity to start. Ryan responded with a game-high 22 points.

Right now I think weíre doing a good job of moving the ball and not being selfish. I think we have a chance to be a really good team, provided that we all continue to play as one.

Again I am not the only one that will be bouncing back and forth between positions on the floor. Itís something that our team as a unit has embraced. We understand that each and every one of us must have a willingness to sacrifice for the betterment of the team. It is something that has been talked about since the very first meeting before training camp even began. Our goal is to do whatever it takes to bring a World Championship to Orlando.


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