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3 Biggest Comebacks in NCAA Tournament History

3 Biggest Comebacks in March Madness History

There is no sporting event as exciting as the NCAA March Madness. The basketball event is full of Cinderella stories, huge upsets, and buzzer beaters, etc. Any underdog team can beat the odds at any time, plus there is no safety for any team even after taking a huge lead.

The March Madness offers something special for every type of basketball fan. See more here if you want to find out the additional perks of being a March Madness fan.

1- BYU 78 Iona 72 (2012)

Nobody could have imagined a victory for BYU after they conceded so many points in the first half. Yet they provided a great sporting display in the second half to overturn the deficit and register a memorable victory.

BYU was significantly dominated by Iona in the first half who scored 55 points against their rivals. But in a dramatic twist of events, the Cougars overcame a 25-point deficit and won by 78-72 in the end. It was a remarkable victory that will live forever in the minds of BYU fans.

It is regarded as the biggest comeback in the history of the NCAA Tournament.

2- Louisville 93 West Virginia 85 (2005)

Everyone was regarding Louisville Cardinals as favorites when they faced West Virginia in the 2005 Elite 8. Therefore, it was no less than shocking when West Virginia established a 38-10 lead by the ending stages of the first half.

A comeback looked very unlikely for the Cardinals at that stage of the game, but Larry O'Bannon and Taquan Dean gave a brilliant display in the second half to bring their team back in the game.

Despite a furious comeback, the game looked to be slipping from the hands of the Cardinals as they were trailing 77-75 with under a minute left. That's when O'Bannon scored to tie the game at 77, and then in the overtime, they extended their points tally to register a memorable victory by 93-85.

3- Duke 95 Maryland 84 (2001)

In the 2001 National semi-final, the fate of the game looked decided in the favor of Maryland who was playing against the Duke Blue Devils. They played exceptionally to establish a 22-point lead in the first half and were looking in a commanding position when both teams broke for intermission. However, the second half wholely changed the script of the game and brought a disappointing result for Maryland.

Both Shane Battier (25 points) and Jay Williams (22 points) played a crucial role in the 95-84 victory for the Duke Blue Devils. This was Duke's third win in their previous four meetings with Maryland. With this win, Duke booked their place in the National Final and later went on to defeat the Arizona Wildcats by 82-72. 


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