Head Coach Tournament
Assistant Coach Tournament


After losing in the fashion finale in each of the past two tournaments, Jay Wright was back on top of the fashion world. The Villanova coach joined Bruiser Flint as the only three-time champions in the head coach event. It also solidified Philadelphia as the fashion capital of the world. The City of Brotherly Love claim six of the first 14 fashion titles. Jerry Eaves (North Carolina A&T), Anthony Grant (Alabama) and
Cliff Warren (Jacksonville) also reached the Fashionable 4 in 2011.

North Carolina’s Steve Robinson captured the Assistant Coach crown, thus ending Bacari Alexander’s hopes of a three-peat. 2009 Assistant champion Melvin Watkins (Arkansas) was back with his third different school.

NOTE: The tournament expand to 68 participants, with the addition of the “First Fancy 4.” It was a 16-coach event in 1998 and 1999. In 2000 it expanded to 64 coaches and the “Style-In” contest was added in 2001 for a field of 65 coaches.


Head Coach Tournament
Jerry Eaves (North Carolina A&T)
Anthony Grant (Alabama)
Cliff Warren (Jacksonville)
Jay Wright (Villanova)

Assistant Coach Tournament
LaVall Jordan (Michigan)
Rob Lanier (Florida)
Steve Robinson (North Carolina)
Melvin Watkins (Arkansas)

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