Head Coach Tournament
Assistant Coach Tournament


The 10th Anniversary of the Runway to the Fashionable 4 saw two previous champions climb back on top. Willis Wilson (Rice), who made his ninth appearance in ten years, won the title for the second time. Wilson was crowned Best-Dressed in 2002 as well. Bruiser Flint (Drexel) and Gary Waters (Rutgers) were back at the Fashionable 4, along with Virginia Tech’s Seth Greenberg. Former Marist head coach Dave Magarity called the appearance by Greenberg in the Fashionable 4, one of the greatest upsets in college basketball history.

For the second time in three years, Bacari Alexander (Detroit) won the Assistant Coach Tournament. 2007 also marked the fourth straight season that Kerry Keating (UCLA) had advanced to the Fashionable 4, which Seth Greenberg believed was a bigger upset than Villanova beating Georgetown to the win the 1985 National Championship.


Head Coach Tournament
Bruiser Flint (Drexel)
Seth Greenberg (Virginia Tech)
Gary Waters (Cleveland State)
Willis Wilson (Rice)

Assistant Coach Tournament
Bacari Alexander (Detroit)
Kerry Keating (UCLA)
Wayne McClain (Illinois)
Scott Wagers (East Tennessee State)

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