Head Coach Tournament
Assistant Coach Tournament


The Assistant Coach Tournament actually upstaged the main catwalk in 2004. After a controversial tie failed to declare a winner in 2003, Tony Jones (UW-Milwaukee) and Kerry Keating (UCLA) had to wait 12 months for a possible rematch. The two did indeed square off in the fashion finale and Tony Jones outlasted Keating to finally win the crown outright.

Defending champion Gary Waters (Rutgers) did not make it back to the Fashionable 4 and a newcomer was crowned champion. TCU’s Neil Dougherty was the most fashionable in 2004. Willis Wilson (Rice) made his sixth appearance in seven seasons, while Bruiser Flint was back with a new school. After winning it all in 2001 with UMass, Flint made his first appearance with Drexel. Colorado’s Ricardo Patton also advanced to the Fashionable 4.


Head Coach Tournament
Neil Dougherty (TCU)
Bruiser Flint (Drexel)
Ricardo Patton (Colorado)
Willis Wilson (Rice)

Assistant Coach Tournament
Chris Goggin (Murray State)
Tony Jones (Wisconsin-Milwaukee)
Kerry Keating (UCLA)
Ronny Thompson (Arkansas)

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