Head Coach Tournament
Assistant Coach Tournament


Neither of the previous champions, Jay Wright (Hofstra) or Sal Mentesana (Lehigh), advanced to the Fashionable 4 in 2001. UMass head coach Bruiser Flint, making his first appearance in the Fashionable 4, was crowned champion. Rice head coach Willis Wilson made his second appearance, while Texas A&M’s Melvin Watkins and Cincinnati’s Bob Huggins each appeared for the first time.

It was the appearance of Huggins, not normally regarded as a fashion fanatic, which raised a lot of eyebrows. Flint called Huggins new found fashion sense, “a joke.” Huggins quickly fired back telling Bruiser, “you should worry more about winning basketball games” and the fashion trash talking would add a new element to the event moving forward.

2001 also marked the introduction on the Assistant Coach Tournament, which Marist head coach Dave Magarity called, “The $1.98 Beauty Show,” and scoffed at the idea of stylish assistants. But Magarity was pleased that his own assistant (Steve Sauers) made to the Fashionable 4. Magarity tabbed Sauers as the “George Hamilton of fashion,” because of his outstanding winter tan. Wofford’s Mike Young was the winner of the inaugural Assistant Coach event, which consisted of 32 coaches.


Head Coach Tournament
Bruiser Flint (Drexel)
Bob Huggins (Cincinnati)
Melvin Watkins (Texas A&M)
Willis Wilson (Rice)

Assistant Coach Tournament
Steve Sauers (Marist)
Tom Schuberth (Southwest Missouri State)
Ronny Thompson (Georgetown)
Mike Young (Wofford)

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