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Mid-Major Top 25 featured in Sports Illustrated.FEATURED IN SPORTS ILLUSTRATED... In the Nov, 26 2001 issue of SI, senior writer John O’Keefe wrote about collegeinsider.com’s weekly Mid-Major Top 25 poll. The half-page article focused on the voting panel, the Top 25 criteria and it’s importance come March.

This feature made the already popular ranking system a nationally recognized and respected measuring stick for schools outside the proverbial power conferences. The article also brought more attention to the entire collegeinsider.com site.

Since this feature story ran, many media outlets of unsuccessfully attempted to produce their own weekly mid-major rankings. Often imitated -- but never duplicated -- collegeinsider.com’s mid-major Top 25 is only ranking system of its kind to be recognized nationally.

CollegeInsider.com ranked No. 24 on ESPN the Magazine list.NO. 24 ON ESPN THE MAGAZINE LIST OF 99 THINGS FOR SPORTS FAN TO DO... In the July 27, 1998 issue of ESPN the Magazine, collegeinsider.com was ranked No. 24 on the magazine’s list of 99 things to do before you die.

ESPN’s the Rickster, NBA all-star Jason Kidd and super model Gabby Reece compiled the comprehensive list of who, what, where, when, why and how to watch in the world of sports.

According to the panel: “Imagine trading e-mails with Bob Huggins and Mike Jarvis. More than 175 college hoops coaches sound off on the issues of the day. And a host of well-placed columnists serve up the latest dish from the court.”


“Joe Dwyer and Angela Lento do an outstanding job with their in-depth and entertaining coverage of college basketball on CollegeInsider.com. And they have been doing it for many years, which is why collegeinsider.com is easily one of the most popular sites among coaches and fans alike.”
                                                                                                - Ben Howland (Head Coach, UCLA)

What Coaches say about CollegeInsider.com | Sample of the Great Exposure and Visibility

CollegeInsider.com, Inc. was originally established in 1995 as a regional newsletter. The product became an online presence in 1996, with college coaches taking active participation in 1997.

CI has developed an implemented unique and creative content like "Coach Columns," "The Mid-Major Top 25" and "The Runway to the Fashionable Four" .

"The Mid-Major Top 25" is now in its ninth year of existence and, with 31 division coaches on the voting panel, is regarded nationally as the measuring stick for programs outside of the traditional power conferences. 

The Jim Phelan National Coach of the Year Award was created in March, 2003 to honor Jim Phelan is the only person to coach 49 years at one school and coach over 1,300 career games. He has nineteen 20-win seasons and is third in wins on the all-time Division I chart. JimPhelanAward.com

In April, 2005 the Hugh Durham National Coach of the Year Award was created to recognize the outstanding coaching career of Hugh Durham. Durham built national programs at Florida State and at Georgia where he is also the all-time winningest coach in Bulldog history, having won 297 games in 17 seasons. HughDurhamAward.com

"The Runway to the Fashionable 4" has become a national phenomenon, having been featured on ESPN and Fox Sports, as well as countless newspapers across the country. It is now in its sixth year of existence and continues to grow.

What they say about The Runway to the Fashionable 4 | Sample of the Media Coverage

The "Coach Column" feature has become one of the staples of CollegeInsider.com, with active participation from coaches across the country. Such features as "Rants & Raves," "Perspectives" and "Remembrance" have become fan favorites.

In the past few years CI has been transformed into a combination online-magazine and forum for collegiate basketball coaches, with a focus on the human-interest side of the sport.

Since its inception, CollegeInsider.com, Inc. has worked with such entities as ACSSports.com, Basketball Times, CBS SportsLine.com, FoxSports.com and the National Association of Basketball Coaches.

In January of 2003, CollegeInsider.com created AllCoachNetwork.com, which is an extensive network of "official" coach websites. ACN is the fastest growing site in the CollegeInsider.com family of websites.

What Coaches say about AllCoachNetwork.com

Websites under the CollegeInsider.com umbrella include:

AllCoachNetwork.com  |  Fashionable4.com  |  GrabSomePineMeat.com   HughDurhamAward.com  |  JimPhelanAward.com  |  MidMajorTop25.com


Runway to the Fashionable 4 highlighted in John Feinstein's, The Last AmateursACCLAIMED AUTHOR HIGHLIGHTS FASHIONABLE 4… It has since become a favorite among coaches and fans alike, but collegeinsider.com's Runway to the Fashionable 4 was in its infancy stages when John Feinstein brought attention to it in “The Last Amateurs,” which was published in 2000.

The author of “A Season on the Brink” the story then Indiana head coach Bob Knight, as well as countless other books, Feinstein was the first to give the ‘style craze’ some national attention.

On page 175 of “The Last Amateurs,” Feinstein breaks down former Lehigh head coach Sal Mentesana’s run through the fashion tournament, which was highlighted by a win over friend and two-time champion Jay Wright (now the head coach at Villanova).

In 2000 the Runway to the Fashionable 4 had a cult following among coaches and fans, but it has reached new heights in the years since the books’ release.



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