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There is No Tomorrow

by Bo Ryan (Wisconsin)

One bad stretch and your season is over. Over the course of a long season you are going to have bad possessions, bad stretches and bad games. It's never a welcome sight for a coach, but it's a reality of the game. Ultimately you have an opportunity to bounce back the following day. But in March there is only today, tomorrow doesn't exist. It goes without s... Read More

It's all About Preparation

by Lute Olson (Member of Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame)

While fans are busy filling out their brackets, coaches are busy making preparations to face their first round opponent. And shortly after the brackets are unveiled, coaching staffs immediately begin the process of preparation. Methods to the madness differ, but all are consistent with being very thorough. We always had a very detailed approach to preparing fo... Read More

A Great Present

by Gary Stewart (Stevenson University)

Over the past 40 years I have grown up watching sports and watching sports change. History may very well remember this era as a time in which college basketball changed for the better. After all -- changes in other sports are now widely accepted as being the correct moves. Baseball shuffled the deck and came up with three divisions in each league and added another W... Read More

Three Prong Fork

by Greg Kampe (Oakland)

Scheduling is an often discussed topic in the world of college athletics. There are nearly as many approaches to the task as there are programs competing. For us it isn’t the road less traveled but the road traveled most often and we spend a lot of time on the road during the months of November and December. For Oakland University scheduling is essentially thr... Read More

Taking Shots

by Bobby Marlin (UL-Lafayette)

The 3rd annual Shots from the Heart event will be beginning soon. Once again I am pleased to be participating. This event honors a man who represented everything that is great about college basketball. Skip Prosser was one of the classiest individuals our profession has ever had and it’s great that we, as coaches, can continue to pay tribute to him. Now if I ... Read More

The Road Less Traveled

by Mike Gillian (Longwood)

It has been quite a journey, but at last we have a conference affiliation. Longwood’s path to the Big South Conference has certainly gone down the road less traveled. I didn’t realize when I took over as head coach in 2003 that it would take nine years to get here, but it was well worth it. After spending one season with Coach Jim Larranaga at Bowling Gre... Read More

The Atlantic 10

by John Giannini (La Salle University)

Over the past few years college basketball has been dominated by change. While the results on the court have made headlines the restructure of conferences has taken center stage. As a naive basketball coach the idea of expansion and so called “super conferences” made no sense to me at all. But after doing a little research it’s easy to understand ... Read More

Lost Art of Free Throws

by Willis Wilson (Texas A&M Corpus Christi)

It’s a lost art, a thing of the past. Many college basketball analysts use such phrases when describing the current state of free throw shooting. On any given night you can peruse the box scores to find the evidence. Percentages from the charity stripe have declined in recent years, but the question is why? I once asked, current Lamar coach, Billy Tubbs, &ldquo... Read More

Passion and Intensity

by Kelvin Sampson (Houston Rockets)

With the start of another basketball season, coaches all across the country are working tirelessly to prepare their respective teams for a successful campaign. Every coach has a slightly different approach, in regards to scheme and philosophy, but all of us want to instill two things in our players -- passion and intensity. Whether its the NBA or college, working har... Read More

Importance of Assistants

by John Giannini (La Salle University)

In corporate America the CEO gets all the credit for a company's success. He or she is made out to be the one person responsible for everything good that has come to the company. But there are always people who put in just as much time and effort, without the glory of getting mentioned on CNN. In college basketball we call these people assistant coaches. With any job... Read More

The Renaissance Man

by Joe Boylan (Loyola MD)

And this is the way it was, The phone call came each year for 14 years from 1994 until 2006, the day before basketball practice started; Joe, its Skip, Good Luck to the Hounds! How’s Rickie McClure doing (Loyola’s tennis coach) …How’s ‘H’ (my daughter Heather) …what books are you reading…. a few “Skip-isms&rd... Read More

Heart of Gold

by Joe Mihalich (Niagara)

It’s Valentine’s Day. So naturally everywhere you look you see hearts. It’s a day when you think about their sweethearts. But I also think about people that have heart and people that have a big heart. Skip Prosser had both. Skip was as tough as they come. He was a courageous and gutty coach who poured his heart and soul into his job with great pass... Read More

Common Looking People

by Reggie Minton (National Association of Basketball Coaches)

Like many of you, every day when I come into my office my eyes sweep over the memorabilia and photos that grace my desk and shelves. This is my sanctuary and I alone determine what photos or pieces of memorabilia rest here. Most of the photos are of my family, but not all. One of the photos is of Skip Prosser and me taken May of 2007 in Kuwait on the tarmac in front ... Read More

The Sweetness of a Road Win

by Ed Conroy (Tulane)

Our friend the late Coach Skip Prosser was one of the most genuine and caring individuals in the game of basketball. It seems like every coach has a story about time they spent with Skip. He had a special ability to touch those around him both young and old with his energetic and caring personality. In May of 2007 I traveled with Skip to Camp Arifjan in Kuwait to coa... Read More

The Game Is Not The Same

by Jay Bilas (ESPN)

I have always enjoyed my time in the game, but I have never enjoyed it more than when I was broadcasting games in the Atlantic 10 in the mid to late 1990’s. Every time I had Xavier game, I looked forward to spending time at practice with Musketeer coach Skip Prosser, whom I considered to be one of the true good guys in the game. I miss Skip. To me, the game has... Read More

The Legacy of Gene Bartow

by Buzz Peterson (UNC-Wilmington)

The game lost a great coach and the profession lost an outstanding human being with the passing of Gene Bartow. During my time at Appalachian State I got to know his son, Murry. Over the years we have become very good friends so I got to know his dad really well. Gene was one of those guys who always made time for you. He was the truly the genuine article. As a coach... Read More

January Challenges Coaches

by Steve Shields (UALR)

It’s rarely talked about and more often overlooked, but the month of January is a challenging month for all coaches. And it's almost here. Let's look at a month the presents many challenges. The first month of the calendar year is always a key month. It marks the beginning of the conference season, where a slow start can be righted or two months of building con... Read More

History of Winning

by Eric Eaton (Quinnipiac)

As career coaches we spend many hours learning as much as possible about our game, our profession, and what it takes to achieve success in the wild world of college athletics. As assistant coaches, we must work tirelessly to advance our programs on a daily basis. Of course, we are preparing to become head coaches, but being the best at the job you have should be the ... Read More

Remembering September 11

by Seth Greenberg (ESPN)

This feature was written when Seth Greenberg was the head coach at Virginia Tech. It’s hard to believe that it has been 10 years since the attack on America. Still vivid are the images of the destruction and loss of life in Pennsylvania, Washington D.C. and New York City. I still find it difficult to fathom that nearly 3,000 people were lost that day. It was a ... Read More

Looking Back 10 Years Later

by Jimmy Patsos (Loyola MD)

It was Thursday September 6, 2001. The recruiting period was underway and we were busy trying to improve our team. At the time I was an assistant coach under Gary Williams at the University of Maryland and we were trying to get Nik Caner-Medley and Brandon Bowman signed. Gary felt pretty confident that Caner-Medley was going to attend Maryland and we thought that Bow... Read More

Always a Winner

by Mike Brey (Notre Dame)

It was May 28, 2007, the final day of Operation Hardwood IV. After six days of competition, we are playing in the championship game. It’s been an incredible week at Camp Arifjan in Kuwait City, Kuwait. I am one of eight coaches that made the trip and it has been a tremendous experience for all of us. Now there is just one final game before we board the plane an... Read More

Importance of Leadership

by Will Brown (Albany)

Leadership is crucial for any team, program, or organization to be successful. Many young people do not understand what it takes to be an effective captain or leader. I always look for the individuals who are capable of leading by example and leading vocally. The ideal situation is if your best player is your hardest worker and best leader. Only if it was that easy! ... Read More

It's Not All Glamour

by Seth Greenberg (ESPN)

This column was written when Seth Greenberg was the head coach at Virginia Tech. How many college sports span two semesters? Just one. Unlike football, which begins and ends in the fall semester or baseball, which is starts and finishes in the second semester, college basketball covers both. The length of the season is something that many observers simply take for gr... Read More

The Importance of Balance

by Steve Hawkins (Western Michigan)

Balance. We hear that word used quite often in sport. Having a good balance is crucial to the success of a team, but it’s not what most would think. It’s less about a balanced attack and more about the balance of the individual, right down to the basic positioning. While I am a disciple of Coach Wooden I haven’t implemented the UCLA style of play as... Read More

Everybody's Mentor

by Bruiser Flint (Drexel)

I have been following College Insider for well over a decade now and one of the things I thoroughly enjoyed is the many columns, authored by coaches. For the most part my contributions have been more on the lighter side of the court, but with the recent announcement of the creation of the Lute Olson National Player of the Year Award, I thought I would write about a c... Read More


by Lute Olson (Member of Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame)

Since his retirement a few years ago, there have been some wonderful features and accounts of the coaching career of Charles "Lefty" Driesell. Some have focused on his 786 wins, taking four different schools to the NCAA tournament or his invention of "midnight madness." Each is a part of what Lefty Driesell was as a coach, but there is one thing that comes to mind wh... Read More

One of the Best Ever

by John Giannini (La Salle University)

I was really excited when I first learned that CollegeInsider.com was going to create an award to honor Coach Lou Henson. I felt it was long overdue that Coach Henson receives such an honor. When there is talk about the greatest coaches in recent history Coach Henson’s name is not often mentioned, but it should be included in any discussion. It’s actually... Read More

Defense: Effort, Passion and Commitment

by Lute Olson (Member of Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame)

Defense wins basketball games. Offense only determines the margin of victory. It’s always interesting to hear people talk about teams that are great defensive teams, as opposed to those that are not. Defense is all about effort, passion and commitment. So why aren’t all teams great on the defensive end of the floor? After all, effort, passion and commitme... Read More

Recruiting the Right Fit

by Ron Everhart (West Virginia)

This column was written when Ron Everhart was the head coach at Duquesne. There are so many key elements involved in the recruiting of a student athlete. Whether or not he can play at the next level is obviously among the most important questions to be answered, but it certainly extends well beyond just talent. One thing that I have always looked for is personality. ... Read More

Mid-Major Comish

by Kermit Davis (Middle Tennessee)

Let me start by saying it’s an honor to be the named the chairman of the Mid-Major Top 25 voting panel. Now in its’ tenth year of existence, the Mid-Major Top 25 has become the authority on college basketball outside the proverbial power conferences. Casting a weekly vote is something everyone on the panel takes very seriously and I look forward to overse... Read More

Working Out

by Bobby Marlin (UL-Lafayette)

This feature was written when Bob Marlin was the head coach at Sam Houston State University Two years I received a memo from our compliance officer, informing me that the NCAA had made an adjustment to the guidelines for pre-season workouts. Each player was still afforded two-hours per week to work with a member of the coaching staff. That hasn’t changed. What ... Read More

Preparing for Next Season

by Mike Gillian (Longwood)

The season may be over in terms of actual games, but the preparation for the 2008-09 season has already begun. Before long summer recruiting will be in full swing, but it’s not only the coaches that are getting ready for the next season. There is a great misconception, with many fans, that coaches do not do a lot during the summer months. Still more believe tha... Read More

Fan Behavior

by Seth Greenberg (ESPN)

This column was written when Seth Greenberg was the head coach at Virginia Tech. Some time ago I was interviewed for a feature in “Time Out,” which is published by the National Association of Basketball Coaches. The topic was fan behavior. While this topic may not always be front-and-center in the mainstream media, it continues to be a widely discussed is... Read More

Coaching a Star

by Tommy Dempsey (Binghamton)

This column was written when Tommy Dempsey was the head coach at Rider. We are all out there in search of the next great player for our programs. What are we looking for? The answers on the surface include size, speed, athleticism, and a soft touch. But while on the hunt for all these qualities we should never lose sight of some others that may be even more important... Read More

Family Matters

by Danny Kaspar (Stephen F. Austin)

Our position as college coaches requires a great deal of time and effort to fulfill all of our various duties. Recruiting, practice planning and execution, alumni and public affair events, community involvement projects and academic oversight are just some of the more demanding aspects of our jobs. We work very hard to build a successful program -- on the court, in t... Read More

Time to Expand

by Bo Ryan (Wisconsin)

Expansion. It’s not a new discussion point among college basketball coaches, but it’s gotten more attention in the days and weeks since the 2006 Final Four. It all centers on the question of whether or not the NCAA tournament field should be expanded? In my opinion -- Yes. For many this has become a more talked-about issue in light of George Mason’s... Read More

We Knew Him as Coach

by Lute Olson (Member of Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame)

It was three years ago this week that we lost one of the great people to ever coach to this game. His name is synonymous with March Madness. The greatest compliment you can pay can pay someone in this profession is to simply call him “coach.” Admiration, success and the respect of one’s peers are what earn a man the simple title of “coach.&rdq... Read More

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